Samverkansbidrag 2018 – beslut om tilldelning

Beviljade ansökningar Samverkansbidrag 2018. / Granted applications Samverkansbidrag 2018.


Coordinator Affiliation Co-main applicant Project title
Annika Wernerson CLINTEC Jaakko Patrakka Strukturella, genetiska och biologiska markörer av betydelse för diagnostik och behandling av njursjukdomar
Bo-Göran Ericzon CLINTEC Makiko Kumagai Induktion av operativ tolerans vid levertransplantation
Dorota Religa NVS Zhu Jie Immunological mechanisms in dementia with a focus on inflammatory biomarkers in Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD)
Ewa Ellis CLINTEC Hannes Hagström Liver Academy at Karolinska
Greg Nowak CLINTEC Anna Domogatskaya Precision-cut liver tissue slices as a method for express evaluation of liver quality and function.
Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren MedH Sara Gredmark-Russ Nya kliniska studier syftande till att uppnå mer effektiva vaccinationsstrategier mot TBE och Japansk encefalit
Isabel Poschke MedH Mats Lindblad Towards T-cell-based therapies in esophageal and gastric cancer
Kirsty Spalding MedH Paolo Parini Lipotoxicity in human adipocytes
Kristoffer Strålin MedH Anna Norrby-Teglund Individualized Medicine in Sepsis
Magnus Nilsson CLINTEC Qiang Pan-Hammarström Molecular subtypes in gastric and esophageal adenocarcinoma: Heading towards a comprehensive tailored treatment algorithm
Magnus Tobiasson MedH Hong Qian Exploring the MDS-niche as a risk factor for relapse after allogenic stem cell transplantation
Martin Cornillet-Jeannin MedH Annika Bergquist Biomarkers in primary sclerosing cholangitis and cholangiocarcinoma
Mats Trulsson DENTMED Maria Eriksdotter Prospective studies for determining oral health as an independent modifiable risk factor in cognitive impairment and quality of life
Matthias Löhr CLINTEC Samir El-Andaloussi Marker for the diagnosis and therapy of premalignant and malignata pancreatic tumors
Mattias Carlsten MedH Stephan Mielke Genetic engineering and in vivo tracking of donor lymphocytes to improve outcomes of patients with post-transplant leukemia relapse
Mikael Rydén MedH Karl Ekwall Linking human adipocyte chromatin modifications to altered gene expression and dysfunctional adipose tissue
Myriam Aouadi MedH Per Stål Identifying the link between human adipose tissue and fatty liver disease
Omid R Faridani MedH Judith Menezes Finding viability biomarkers in the secreted RNAs of the early human embryo
Pauliina Damdimopoulou CLINTEC Julius Hreinsson Development of fertility preservation strategies through molecular characterization of ovarian tissue from girls and young women
Peter Bergman LABMED Edvard Smith Immunobrist hos vuxna: ny genetisk diagnostik öppnar för nya behandlingsmöjligheter
Peter Stenvinkel CLINTEC Christer Betsholtz Chronic kidney disease – a model of premature vascular ageing. New drugs at the horizon.
Peter Svensson BioNut Anders Sönnerborg Non-canonical transcription of the HIV provirus in elite controllers
Robert Månsson LABMED Johan Lund Improved genetic characterization for stratification of patients for selection of treatment regimens and inclusion in clinical trials
Sidinh Luc MedH Johanna Ungerstedt Hematopoietic lineage skewing following HDAC inhibitor treatment
Stefan Deneberg MedH Andreas Björklund Safety and feasibility of incorporating NK cell therapy in Acute Myeloid Leukemia induction and consolidation treatment – a phase I study
Tim Willinger MedH Apostolos Bossios The In Vivo Function of Human Lung Macrophages in Bronchiectasis
Thomas Gustafsson LABMED Maria Eriksson Exercise to counteract the propagation of somatic mutations in skeletal muscle
Yan Li CLINTEC Georgios Belibasakis Osseointegrations in humans – A comprehensive approach from mouth to extremities
Yenan Bryceson MedH Per Marits Improving diagnostics of immunodeficiency diseases

Samverkansbidrag 2018

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