Forskningspriser på Collaboration in Science 2022

CIMED finansierade forskningspriser vid den vetenskapliga konferensen Collaboration in Science 2022. Konferensen hölls på Campus Flemingsberg i hus NEO den 6 och den 7 oktober 2022.

Efter utvärdering valde den vetenskapliga kommittén för Collaboration in Science 2022 att dela ut priser till följande forskare.

Prize winners from left Laurène Adam, Amena Archer, Francesca Eroli, Josef Pelcman, Andrea Coschiera and Gwladys Revêchon.
Prisvinnare vid konferensen Collaboration in Science 2022. Från vänster Laurène Adam, Amena Archer, Francesca Eroli, Josef Pelcman, Andrea Coschiera och Gwladys Revêchon.

Pris för bästa muntliga presentation tilldelades:

  • Gunilla Ajne – “Instrumental vacuum assisted delivery in obstructed labor – time for AI in the birth team”
  • Andrea Coschiera – “Primary cilia coordinate the differentiation of human LUHMES neurons through the Wnt signaling pathway”
  • Francesca Eroli – “Polypharmacy treatments as risk factors for cognitivs impairment and adverse outcomes during aging”
  • Josef Pelcman – “Chaperones regulation – A novel route to fight Alzheimer’s?”
  • Gwladys Revêchon – “Somatic LMNA mutation and expression of progerin in early vascular aging of chronic kidney disease”
  • Katharina H. Susek – “PD1-based chimeric-switch receptor expressing NK cells recover from immune checkpoint inhibition in multiple myeloma”

Pris för bästa poster presentation tilldelades:

  • Amena Archer: ”Impact of the estrogen receptor (ER) β and the TNFα signaling on the expression of circadian genes in colorectal cancer”
  • Tajpara Poojabahen: ”Functional studies of IPMN microbiota in pancreatic cancer pathogenesis”
  • Christina Samuelsson: ”Speech and gestures in young children with cochlear implants: performance during vocabulary testing with the Picture Naming Game”
  • Jing Wu: ”Cardiovascular Health Metrics and the Risk of Dementia and Cognitive Decline: A Systematic Review and Dose-Response Meta-Analysis”

Pris för bästa video presentation tilldelades:

  • Laurène Adam: ”Targeting a-synuclein amyloid aggregates with the BRICHOS protein – basis for treatment of Parkinson’s disease”

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