Miia Kivipelto receives Alzheimerfonden’s award for excellent research

CIMED Junior Researcher, Professor Miia Kivipelto, Division of Neurogeriatrics and Aging Research Center, Karolinska Institutet, has received Alzheimerfonden’s award for excellent research. The prize is worth SEK 2.5 million.

– For many years we have been researching what we can do to prevent Alzheimer’s dementia and has come quite a bit. We recently published results from the FINGER-study which is the first large multi factorial study of lifestyle interventions. We could show that healthy lifestyle, to some extent, can help prevent memory problems. We have reached the conclusion that physical activity, healthy diet, social and mental activities and the management of vascular risk factors are good for the brain, says Miia Kivipelto in an interview at the Swedish Alzheimer’s foundation’s (Alzheimerfonden) website.

The full interview at the Swedish Alzheimer’s foundation’s (Alzheimerfonden) website is available here in Swedish.

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