CIMED projektbidrag 2024-2026

Den vetenskapliga granskningen av CIMED projektansökningar är nu klar och beslut om tilldelning har fattats av CIMED styrelse.

I årets utlysning av CIMED projektbidrag inkom totalt 151 ansökningar, varav 74 junior och 77 senior ansökningar. Antal kvinnliga sökande var 75 och manliga sökande var 76. Följande personer har efter vetenskaplig granskning och beslut av CIMED:s styrelse tilldelats CIMED projektbidrag for 2024-2026:


Andrea Ponzetta: ”Dynamic alterations of the immune landscape in gastroesophageal adenocarcinoma as new parameter for personalized patient classification and treatment”

Anna Marseglia: “Cardiometabolic burden and brain health—Interactions between neuroimaging markers of brain pathologies, resilience, and sex differences”

Axel Wester: ”Pharmacotherapy in chronic liver disease – adherence, safety and effect”

Bianca Tesi: ”Precision medicine for patients with germline predisposition to myeloid neoplasms”

Daniel Andersson: ”Translationella longitudinella studier av triglyceridmetabolism med fokus på effekter i olika målorgan samt morbiditet och mortalitet”

Daniel Ferreira: “‘FindDLB’ – A leading platform for Swedish research in Dementia with Lewy Bodies”

Daniel Hagey: “Multi-cancer early detection via RNA-sequencing of extracellular vesicles from blood drops”

Emilia Hagman: ” Pediatric obesity: Metabolic comorbidities and health care utilization”

Eric Rullman: “Skelettmuskelfunktion vid svår hjärtsvikt – molekylära förändringar av prognostisk betydelse och betydelsen av fysisk aktivitet”

Hannes Olauson: “Cell-specific dynamics of renal FGF23 signalling in chronic kidney disease”

Jan Vesterbacka: ”Characterization of Liver Fibrosis during HIV infection – determination of prevalence, risk factors and biomarkers”

Jennie Engstrand: “Selecting the right patient for the right therapy in liver metastases: biomarker identification and treatment comparison in clinical trials”

Lotta Herling: “The CONTRAST-study – selective fetal growth restriction in monochorionic twins – an international investigation (Selektiv tillväxthämning hos enäggstvillingar – en internationell studie)”

Marcus Buggert: ”Systemic and local adaptive immunity against respiratory infections in elderly extremes”

Maria Bragesjö: “Efficacy, mechanisms of change and cost effectiveness of intensive exposure-based treatment for PTSD: a randomized controlled trial”

Roland Fiskesund: ”Clinical application and development of neutrophil transfusion to address antibiotic resistant infections in neutropenic patients”

Rosaleena Mohanty: “MultiPath-AD: Multimodal pathways underlying biological heterogeneity in Alzheimer’s Disease”

Salwan Maqdasy: “The role of testosterone in regulating circadian metabolic homeostasis: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial with downstream mechanistic characterization”

Xiuming Liang: ”Engineering extracellular vesicles for combination therapies of tumor”

Ying Shang: ”Biomarkers for evaluating progression and treatment response in chronic liver disease”


Agneta Nordberg: “Amyloid, Tau and Astroglia PET brain imaging and plasma biomarkers in early detection, diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer´s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders”

Anders Sönnerborg: “Improving HIV-1 surveillance and care for newly diagnosed patients in Sweden”

Annika Karlsson: ”Dissecting antiviral T cell immunity during pregnancy and childhood in relation to viral infection, treatment, and health”

Annika Östman Wernerson: “Integrerade kliniska och molekylära studier för att kartlägga patofysiologi och förbättra diagnostik, uppföljning och behandling av njursjukdomar samt långtidsresultat vid njurtransplantation”

Bo-Göran Ericzon: ”Cell-based immunotherapy in solid organ transplantation to minimize systemic immunosuppression”

Charlotte Ytterberg: ”A self-management program to prevent falls in ambulatory and non-ambulatory people with multiple sclerosis – a randomized controlled trial”

Christian Sturesson: “Förbättrad diagnostik och behandling av gallblåsecancer och perihilär gallgångscancer”

Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren: ”Long-term SARS-CoV-2 vaccine-induced immunity in especially vulnerable patient groups in relation to prevailing and emerging SARS-CoV-2 variants”

Helene Kaipe: “Interaktioner mellan maternella immunceller och placentan vid preeklampsi”

Isabelle Magalhaes: ” Optimisation of CAR T cell therapy for cancer treatment”

Jaan-Olle Andressoo: “Studies on creating precision medicine for Hirschsprung’s disease”

Jenny Mjösberg: ”Studies of airway lymphocytes in severe asthma – a step closer to precision medicine use of biologic drugs”

Johan Sandberg: ”Exploring the role of unconventional T cells in primary immunodeficiency and cystic fibrosis”

Jurga Laurencikiene: “Characterization of gender-specific differences in insulin sensitivity and type 2 diabetes through studies of human adipose tissue immune component”

Lars Olaf Cardell: “Neoadjuvant anti-PD-1 prior to surgical tumour excision in patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma – tumour draining lymph nodes being the focus of interest”

Linda Björkhem Bergman: “Kliniska och Translationella studier om cancerutlöst fatigue – fokus på vitamin D och immunförsvaret”

Martin Jädersten: “SAMHD1 as a predictive factor and drug target in relapsed/refractory acute myeloid leukemia”

Petter Höglund: “Towards better transfusion management of platelet refractoriness”

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