CIMED is a research center within biomedical, translational and patient-focused clinical research, with the goal to find new treatments for complex diseases that are threatening the public health.

The research groups belonging to CIMED work on the multifaceted fields of cancer and immune disorders, obesity and metabolism, dementia and aging, with the common objective to conduct research in the international front-line in areas of relevance to population health.

For a large number of diseases, not the least cancer, there are few effective and lasting treatments. It is evident that our shortcomings most importantly depend on limitations in the understanding of the cellular and molecular basis for the disease and why relapses are common.

Hence, the key to overcome these difficulties is the continued integration of basic and clinical medicine pursuing innovative medical research endowed with the highest translational potential.

Research topics in short:

Photo by: Tomas McKenna

Photo by: Tomas McKenna